PaintFest® Events

PaintFest® Events

Meeting Planner PaintFest® Events

PaintFests® are scaleable and can be held anywhere. We help you meet client requests & budgets.

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Teambuilding Paintfests®

Teambuilding Events can be held anywhere. Simply determine the number of Paint Stations that suit your head-count or budget.

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Conference PaintFests®

Conferences and sales meetings are perfect for Teambuilding Events. A hotel ballroom is a perfect space for a PaintFest®.

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Business Office (In-Office) PaintFests®

In-Office Paintests® are the perfect event when you cannot afford the time and distraction of taking your employees offsite for a community service and teambuilding activity. All you need is a conference or break room and a desire to make a difference. In-Office Events are ideal to do over lunch or for an end-of-day social event.

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In-Hospital PaintFest® Events

In-Hospital Events are upbeat, festive events. Everyone involved feels great about brightening the hospital environment. The resulting artwork inspires thousands of people each month, for years to come!

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Musical & Sports PaintFest® Events

Musical and Sports Paintests® are great for uniting fans of sports and the arts. Creating interactive events with fans and the community is the goal of all sports teams and the arts. You are only limited by your imagination. Athletes can paint with fans or with various childrens’ organizations. Patrons of the symphony can paint as the music plays.

  • Super Bowl 2006
  • Atlanta Falcons Pregame
  • ATT Golf Classic

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Paintfest America
Paintfest America
Paintfest America

Unusual Paintfest® Venues

PaintFests® can be held anywhere. Your creativity is the only limit!

  • A balcony on the Eiffel Tower
  • Antarctica
  • United States Soldiers in Iraq

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PaintFest America: Comforting Cancer Patients Through Art

The idea for PaintFest America came from Scott
Feight, the FFHA Executive Director. The initial concept 
was simple: unite cancer patients across the country
 through the common goal of care and comfort. The execution, on the other hand, was quite complex and depended on the dedication of cancer centers all around the country.

In 50 days, FFHA set out to paint and donate a total of over 200 murals across 50 cancer facilities in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. The mission became one state per day for 50 days. FFHA staff and volunteers traversed across the country beginning in Washington D.C. Its team traveled from east coast to west coast, from north to south, and stopped by everything in between, until the PaintFest America finale in New York City.

Each participating hospital and cancer center painted between three and ten murals. Each image depicts living things, such as plants and animals, in order to bring life and vibrant color to sterile hospital walls. The FFHA designed a custom mural entitled “America the Beautiful” that each state was able to paint. The mural was inspired by Katharine Lee Bates’s historic lyrics and was a patient-favorite at every stop. The murals are now on display at the facilities where they were painted and will remain there for years to come.

Additionally, cancer patients and survivors joined hands and painted part of the national mural, entitled “Stars of Hope.” For this special piece, each state’s panel depicts the state bird and flower superimposed upon stars and a map of the United States. A ribbon, signifying hope, flows throughout the entire design. On the final day of the tour, all 50 panels were assembled in New York for all to see. The mural was more than art; it represented the beautiful stories of cancer patients in every state across this wonderful country. The power to overcome was on full and colorful display.

“If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, it’s a significant moment in your life,” FFHA Executive Director, Scott Feight, says, “and art gives you an opportunity to step away from that. Art allows you to express what 
you’re going through in a helpful and 
impactful way.”

The point of PaintFest America was to bring people together through art all over the United States, but the project ended up achieving something more: it brought hope, healing and brief reprieve to hundreds of patients, family members and hospital staff members. PaintFest America honed in on creating beauty in the midst of hardship, and for many cancer patients and survivors, the few hours they spent painting did just that. Now their time and dedication will be transformed into warm, cheerful murals that will continue to spread comfort to patients for years to come.

The Foundation for Hospital Art has donated 49,000 paintings to more than 7,500 health care facilities located in 195 different countries. More than one million volunteers have helped to make this possible.

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Ceiling Tiles

At Hospital PaintFest Events, the ceiling tiles have been painted with simple and colorful images. The colorful paintings on the ceilings can be just as important as the walls, as patients are often looking at the ceilings for just as long as they are looking at the walls.

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Wall Murals

Wall murals have been drawn and color-coded on site at Hospital PaintFest Events. We work in close conjunction with the hospitals to find the ideal wall to paint on.

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