Testimonials – Volunteers

“For over fifteen years I looked at the artwork from the Foundation on display at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite. My daughter was often a patient there and we loved looking at the murals throughout the hospital together. Today, I love volunteering because I do know how much of an impact a bright, colorful piece of art means to a patient, family and staff in a hospital and clinic setting.”

Jo Lyons
Alpharetta, GA


“The focus, the energy and the joy of those who paint at FFHA Paintfests® makes me keep coming back. I’ve experienced this in hospitals, at a prison, in a homeless shelter, with corporations, with high school football players and at many other venues. Even people who have their own troubles focus on the process of painting and forget their problems for a while. It is fun to be a part of something that benefits others and fulfills me.”

Dave Kaplan
Atlanta, GA


As a new volunteer, it is a pleasure learning about and working with the Foundation for Hospital Art. To combine my interest in painting to brighten the hospitals and facilities worldwide seems like a perfect match. The employees and volunteers have provided a warm welcome as well as a well organized and pleasant atmosphere in which to work. I’m so glad I found you!

Ilene Baker
Marietta, GA


“It was a feel-good event. Patients worked alongside their doctors and nurses, getting to know them on a human level. We had media coverage galore.”

Cindy Hamilton
Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital
Jacksonville, FL

“The accomplishments of the Foundation have been the most meaningful and long-lasting of any organization I have joined – and that’s why I’m still involved after over 20 years as a volunteer.”

Howard Busbee
Assistant Dean, School of Business
College of William & Mary


“One thing that I quickly realized is the Foundation is not about the paintings, but rather the paintings are just the process for allowing the patient or person to relax and forget about their pain. It is a method that heals the spirit and the soul along with the medical treatment received at the hospital to heal the body. The painting process is as beneficial to the volunteer as it is to the patient. As a volunteer it is easy to put aside your problems and worries in life when you see patients smiling and laughing as they paint with you.”

Daniel Brown
Savannah, GA


“When you paint with a group, something happens that I call a love connection. It begins with a mere brush stroke and continues and grows into an atmosphere of compassion. So much positive energy comes out of that little brush stroke. And the artwork once displayed, continues to inspire other people.”

Marjorie Prevost
Roswell, GA


“This is a great idea. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Anybody could paint.”

Polly Caudle
Roswell, GA

“FFHA is an Oasis in the desert. It cures your heart like water for the thirsty.”

Junko Trainor
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities USA
New York, NY


“The Foundation for Hospital Art has become a part of my life that encompasses the true meaning of helping those in need. Its mission to paint a brighter world truly touches many lives in so many places in the US and around the world. I feel blessed to be a part of that!”

Jill Pring
Roswell, GA


“I have been volunteering at the FFHA since 1999. Assisting with the PaintFests®, color-coding panels and touching up murals is such a rewarding and joyful experience. What a pleasure to be involved with an organization that provides beauty and healing through art that comforts patients worldwide.”

Gwenn Lindsay
Decatur, GA


“I started volunteering with the Foundation for Hospital Art several years ago doing touch-up of murals in their studio. Since that time, I have become involved in supporting painting events sponsored by corporate and individual donors, as well as sourcing care facilities to receive gift murals from these corporate and individual donors. Through this work, my faith in humanity has been restored! There are so many wonderful organizations filling the need to care for others – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am honored to be part of the mission and vision of the Foundation for Hospital Art.”

Donna Wensink
Marietta, GA