Testimonials – Medical Staff

The PaintFest®, “was a wonderful way to educate others as to the emotional needs of hospitalized (patients) and to offer the community an opportunity to participate in humanizing the health care experience.”

Luci Weber
Director, Child Life Department
All Children’s Hospital
St. Petersburg, FL


“Sometimes, words cannot convey our depth of gratitude. This is one of those times. Thank you for sharing the joy of The Foundation for Hospital Art PaintFest® with the patients and employees of Alfred I. Dupont Hospital for Children. It is a rare occasion when an entire organization can come together to relax and have fun, while still contributing to the fundamental mission of their work, in this case, the children entrusted to our care. The results of PaintFest® will brighten the hospital for many years to come, but the memories the event created for our patients, families, and employees will last a lifetime.”

Thomas P. Ferry
Retired Administrator/Chief Executive
Alfred I. DuPont Hospital For Children
Wilmington, DE


“Besides changing the look of our hospital walls, you brought magic and mostly left your spirit and courage in the war against pain, loneliness and AIDS. There are no words to thank a person of your talent and dedication. Your work is a work of love with such a spiritual dimension that it cannot be measured in human terms. On behalf of the entire hospital body of patients and staff, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your everlasting gift and wish you continuous success in your work of love. “

Ayre Rubinstein, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology & Immunology
Medical Staff
Bronx, NY

“The many…smiles, laughs and moments of excitement while creating the artwork are treasures that will forever change the way (people) see hospitals, of that we are convinced. We thank you for this all around successful and ‘everyone wins’ project.”

Efrain Garza Fuentes, Ed. D.
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA


“What a sensational event! The entire two-day happening occurred without a hitch. The organization and facilitation was flawless. Everyone at Hasbro Children’s Hospital is delighted with the wonderful results.”

Paula Most
Coordinator for the Arts for Lifespan
Hasbro Children’s Hospital


“Words cannot express what I have seen and experienced because of the ‘Hospital Art Program’ here at Georgia Regional. Patients involved in the absolutely most therapeutic interaction I have ever witnessed as a whole population. Staff involved and smiling like I have not seen in years. Results which are beautiful and will be a far lasting affect on the well-being of so many people both now and in the future.”

Marty Ness
Activity Therapy Service
Georgia Regional Hospital at Augusta
Augusta, GA

“A positive hospital experience is of critical importance, and the ambiance is equally as essential as the physical a care a patient receives. These beautiful paintings will be enjoyed daily by our patients, parents, staff, Shriners, and volunteers. Having this cheerful seahorse artwork on display is certain to comfort our patients and families during their stay with us.”

Jamie L. Parker, M.A.M
Public Relations Specialists
Shriners Hospitals for Children


“Many of the children and families have commented on the paintings and tell us how much they enjoy them. We also sometimes use the pieces to distract patients during painful procedures and use them as I Spy games! We are so thankful to have them!”

Lacy Jane Folger
Child Life Specialist
Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation


“Everyone that enters our premises is affected by your artwork. They often comment on the soothing nature and childlike whimsy of your work…The infants often go to the artwork and try to grasp the images. Those paintings are often what they are holding onto as they are learning to walk without assistance. You have created a magical space that affects everyone who is part of our center.”

Sarah J. Maldonado, Ed. D
Executive Director
Bellevue Hospital Center
New York, NY