Patient Set

HeART Boards™ Patient Set

Uplift and comfort patients experiencing a long-term stay in hospitals by painting these panels and giving them to patients in your community. (This set comes with 6 canvas boards)


Weight: 7 lbs Canvas size: 9″x 12″

Each set includes six 9”x12” canvas boards with pre-printed designs and color codes. Each panel features its own positive message to be given to six different healthcare workers or patients. The panels are designed to be painted individually and can be painted by up to six people, taking about one hour per person to complete. Facilitation available for large groups. Art supplies include the following: 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint (24 total bottles – 4 per board), 24 paintbrushes (one brush for each bottle of paint), touch-up markers, plastic disposable aprons, and table protectors. The paint is non-toxic, water-based acrylic. Each set will arrive in a box measuring 13”x10”x5”. We typically ship within 1-2 days, but ask for a week.