Plan An Event

Plan An Event

Are you a Meeting Planner or Destination Management Company? If so, a PaintFest Event is the perfect teambuilding and community service event for your client.

PaintFest Events are the perfect complement to a long day of meetings. Easily organized in a social setting, PaintFests enhance networking, relationship-building, and a company’s corporate citizenship profile. Artistic talent is not required. Everyone can do it. We draw the designs in advance and the client simply follows the colored dots and follows their heart.

PaintFests can be tailored to meet your client’s needs, schedule and budget. The Foundation for Hospital Art can help you organize an event from a few people up to the thousands. Teams typically paint in groups of 12. A PaintFest lasts on average between 90 minutes and 2 and ½ hours.

Since a PaintFest Event can happen onsite at a hotel or convention center, you will not need to organize off-site transportation for your client.

PaintFests are truly a fan-favorite. They are fun and rewarding. They are teambuilding with a purpose: to love and comfort those in hospitals.

The completed paintings are donated to hospitals in either the client’s city, the host city, or around the world.

As a 501(c)(3), 100% of your client’s contribution to The Foundation for Hospital Art is tax deductible.

Contact the Foundation for Hospital Art to discuss your event and to obtain a quote.

Paintfest Event