Kit Details

Kit DetailsEach kit includes 6 pre-drawn canvases, art supplies and instructions (for shipments within the United States there will also be a prepaid UPS return label included). We place small dots of color on the canvases so that everyone knows what color to paint.

The design crosses all six canvases, including the sides, which eliminates the need for framing.

10-12 people can typically paint one kit within 1.5-3 hours.  The norm is 2 hours.

The canvases are designed to hang one inch apart on a wall. The completed multiple-canvas-painting measures 3’1” high by 6’2″ wide (horizontal design) or 4’1” high by 4’8″ wide (vertical design).

All murals painted in the United States are returned to our studio for touch-up and donation to a healthcare facility.  All murals painted outside of the United States are touched-up locally by the volunteers and donated locally.  This avoids the cost and delays of multiple international customs and duties fees.

Art supplies include the following: 2 oz. bottles of acrylic paint (# of bottles varies by design), paintbrushes (one brush for each bottle of paint), touch-up markers, plastic disposable aprons, and two plastic table covers.  The paint is non-toxic, water-based acrylic. Each kit will arrive in a box measuring 18”x24”x5”. We typically ship within 1-2 days, but ask for two weeks.  This allows for one week of preparation and one week for ground shipping.