Medical Staff

The PaintFest “was a wonderful way to educate others as to the emotional needs of hospitalized [patients] and to offer the community an opportunity to participate in humanizing the health care experience.”

Luci Weber
Director, Child Life Department
All Children’s Hospital
St. Petersburg, FL


“Sometimes, words cannot convey our depth of gratitude. This is one of those times. Thank you for sharing the joy of The Foundation for Hospital Art/Pfizer Pediatric Health PaintFest with the patients and employees of Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children. It is a rare occasion when an entire organization can come together to relax and have fun, while still contributing to the fundamental mission of their work, in this case, the children entrusted to our care. The results of PaintFest will brighten the hospital for many years to come, but the memories the event created for our patients, families, and employees will last a lifetime.”

Thomas P. Ferry
Administrator/ Chief Executive
Alfred I. DuPont Hospital For Children
Wilmington, DE

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Corporate Sponsors

“Our company PaintFest event is the most popular and well attended “in-office” community involvement activity of the year! Our employees love the atmosphere, painting activity, conversation, and teambuilding to accomplish a very tangible and worthwhile end result…making hospitals more colorful places for everyone.”

Lamont Glover
Retired Vice President and Director of Administrative Services
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta


“Just wanted to let you know that our PaintFest here at American Express yesterday went really well! We had full participation and everyone really enjoyed it, plus the murals turned out surprisingly great! It was really a fun and rewarding project.  You can tell by the pictures how everyone was really into what they were doing-it was truly a great group activity!”

Melissa Wong
American Express
New York, NY

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“For over fifteen years I looked at the artwork from the Foundation on display at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite. My daughter was often a patient there and we loved looking at the murals throughout the hospital together. Today, I love volunteering because I do know how much of an impact a bright, colorful piece of art means to a patient, family and staff in a hospital and clinic setting.”

Jo Lyons
Alpharetta, GA


“The focus, the energy and the joy of those who paint at TFHA Paintfests® makes me keep coming back. I’ve experienced this in hospitals, at a prison, in a homeless shelter, with corporations, with high school football players and at many other venues. Even people who have their own troubles focus on the process of painting and forget their problems for a while. It is fun to be a part of something that benefits others and fulfills me.”

Dave Kaplan
Atlanta, GA

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