Technical Information




The Foundation uses only high quality artist's acrylic that is non-toxic and does not have an odor. Click here for detailed paint information.


All paint used by the Foundation for Hospital Art is non-toxic, water solluble, medium viscosity acrylic paint that meets or exceeds Health & Safety standards set by OSHA and the Arts & Craft Materials Institute.


Download MSDS Sheets:

For all multiple-canvas paintings, wall murals, and ceiling tiles:

DecoArt Americana Paint


For some wall murals only:

Liquitex Medium Viscosity Acrylic Paint 








Vertically-oriented PaintFest Kits measure 4' 1" high by 4' 8" wide.


Horizontally-oriented PaintFest Kits measure 3' 1" high by 6' 2" wide.


All canvases measure 18" by 24", regardless of directional orientation.


For the Patient Packs, each panel is 24" x 24" and when hung as a set, it measures 4' 1" high by 4' 1" wide.  



Instructions for Setting Up an "Ideal Paint Station"

Place two 8' by 2 & 1/2' tables long sides together (this is a standard table size) to form an 8' by 5' table surface.


This is the best way to hold one multiple-canvas-painting (6 canvases, in either directional orientation) and the necessary art supplies. It enables painters to see how the canvases will hang together on the wall.


Ten to twelve painters can work comfortably around one Paint Station this size. Chairs are optional, but definitely preferred by painters.


Please confirm any table substitutions with the Foundation ahead of time. No round tables please.