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Meeting Planner PaintFest Events



PaintFests are scaleable and can be held anywhere. We help you meet client requests & budgets.


Teambuilding Paintfests

Teambuilding Events can be held anywhere. Simply determine the number of Paint Stations that suit your head-count or budget.


Conference PaintFests

Conferences and sales meetings are perfect for Teambuilding Events. A hotel ballroom is a perfect space for a PaintFest.


Business Office (In-Office) PaintFests

In-Office Events are a convenient way to reach out to the community. Simply schedule painting times, or invite staff to paint during their breaks. In-Office Paintests are the perfect event when you cannot afford the time and distraction of taking your employees offsite for a community service and teambuilding activity. All you need is a conference or break room and a desire to make a difference. You can paint as one group or you can schedule people to paint in shifts throughout the day during their breaks. In-Office Events are ideal to do over lunch or for an end-of-day social event.


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In-Hospital PaintFest Events



In-Hospital Events are upbeat, festive events. Everyone involved feels great about brightening the hospital environment. The resulting artwork inspires thousands of people each month, for years to come!


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Musical & Sports PaintFest Events



Musical and Sports Paintests are great for uniting fans of sports and the arts. Creating interactive events with fans and the community is the goal of all sports teams and the arts. You are only limited by your imagination. Athletes can paint with fans or with various childrens' organizations. Patrons of the symphony can paint as the music plays.


  • Super Bowl 2006
  • Atlanta Falcons Pregame
  • ATT Golf Classic


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Unusual Paintfest Venues



PaintFests can be held anywhere. Your creativity is the only limit!

  • A balcony on the Eiffel Tower
  • Antarctica
  • United States Soldiers in Iraq

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Volunteer PaintFest Events: Operation Lovejoy, Hoboken, New Jersey



Once every other month from 9:00-11:00AM a team of a maximum of 20 volunteers meets at Hoboken University Medical Center to paint murals that will be donated to hospitals. The murals are fun to paint, awnd give comfort and hope to those who suffer in hospitals by providing artwork at no cost to hospitals. It is a great service opportunity. It is also a great way to give back to the community as a family.

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