Hanging Instructions



Multiple-Canvas-Painting Hanging Instructions


We encourage you to hang these paintings in patient treatment areas (i.e., radiation rooms, physical therapy areas, patient rooms and waiting rooms).


Some paintings can be broken up to form smaller paintings. Usually the "multiple fish" design can be broken while the "butterfly" must stay together to form the "whole" butterfly. Lay the painting out and you'll see what canvases can be hung as single canvases or in smaller groups...if you are dealing with a "small" space for hanging paintings.


The paintings have been drawn with an inch (2.5cm) between them, therefore, when hanging; you must have an inch (2.5cm) between them to maintain the form of the painting. This style also eliminates the need for framing. You do not need to frame these paintings.


Each painting is coded on the back at the "top" of the painting. Set number in upper left corner and canvas number in upper right corner. You have three canvases on top (1, 2 & 3) and three on the bottom (4, 5 & 6). Each canvas is 18" (45.75cm) x 24" (61cm). The canvases either form a "vertical" format or a "horizontal" format.


Always leave one inch (2.5cm) between canvases when hanging. You may use nails (two per canvas) to hang each canvas or other hanging techniques to secure the paintings. Use a level to place the two nails for each canvas.


Click here to download PDF version of the hanging instructions.