PaintFest Events



PaintFests are scaleable and can be held anywhere. We help you meet client requests & budgets.


The Process For Sponsors


PaintFests are fun, upbeat Teambuilding activities. They are a great way to give back to the communities you serve while boosting employee morale. Teambuilding Events can be held in your offices, off-site during meetings or conferences, in hospitals, or any combination of the above.


PaintFest Event Kits are scaleable. Foundation staff orchestrates large events, while smaller events can be conducted on your own via kits. PaintFest Event Kits are a great way to have a PaintFest Event with a small group. Click here to learn more.


A customized budget quote will be provided for your event. Budgets take into account such variables as number of painters, painting locations, and the level of event orchestration by Foundation staff that is required.


The artwork is pre-drawn by Foundation for Hospital Art artists. The artwork is then color-coded so that painters with no artistic experience can create a unified painting. The paintings are touched-up, signed to acknowledge the sponsorship, and then donated to hospitals to soften the experience for patients, families and hospital staff.


Depending on your preference, PaintFest Events can last from 90 minutes to several days. The completed artwork can hang in hospitals for a lifetime.


Significant positive publicity is possible for PaintFest sponsors.


The Foundation for Hospital Art is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. PaintFest Event budgets are tax deductible to the extent of the law. TAX ID# 58-1563444


We will help you develop a PaintFest within your parameters. Contact us to discuss your ideas, click here.