PaintFest Events For Hospitals



Hospital PaintFest Events are the perfect event to unite a hospital's staff, community volunteers, sponsors, and patients. All join in on the fun, by participating in the PaintFest. Most hospitals have no shortage of blank hallways, treatment rooms, and ceilings that could benefit from some colorful artwork to make them more conducive to healing.


The average PaintFest Event lasts from one to two days. Participants can paint in one central location, to maximize involvement. To include patients and people within other areas of the hospital, painting can take place in patient rooms, playrooms, nurses stations, cafeterias, and treatment areas.


Hanging instructions are provided for the multiple-canvas paintings. Hospital maintenance staff can replace the ceiling tiles during low-traffic hours. Ceiling tiles are typically pulled from inventory, painted and hung. The old ceiling tiles are then placed back in storage.


PaintFest Events are the perfect activity to garner positive publicity for the hospital and their sponsors.


Contact us for more information on how to host a PaintFest at your hospital.