Best Indoor Teambuilding Project – 5 Reasons Why

GE Boca Group

The weather outside is frigid and you may be sitting at your desk, wondering what can you possibly do for a teambuilding and community service project.  What indoor activity provides excitement, a sense of accomplishment, and includes a charitable component?


In speaking with meeting planners and event organizers, these central reasons for a Hospital Art PaintFest® float to the top:


#5 – A PaintFest is not dependent upon a certain season of the year.  Compared to planting or building, a PaintFest can happen at any time of the year.


#4 – The volunteers do not have to pack extra clothes for an outdoor project.  There’s no need to figure out how to put work boots and gloves in your suitcase.


#3 –  Winter can be gray and full of dreary and depressing colors.  Painting bright images of flowers, fish, and animals brightens everyone’s spirit and attitude.


#2 –  The obvious avoidance of bad weather comes in a close second.  Braving the elements is not something you want to claim as an accomplishment.


And……#1 and the reason why we paint…..


#1 – Hospital patients need our love and comfort.  They do not have a vote in deciding when they pay a visit to their local hospital.  They need our love more than ever at this time of the year!