A PaintFest® Perspective – Teambuilding with Purpose

Dallas 2013

When I walked into the large hall to begin preparing for the PaintFest®, I knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. Forty kits and over 500 employees were waiting for us to unpack andprepare countless bottles of paint and brushes. As the tables filled with their six panels and various colors, I looked at the images in front of me and thought about their future. At the time, they were blank canvases providing an opportunity for teambuilding and for community service. But soon, they would be transformed into the bright pictures that would grace the walls of hospitals, providing comfort to the myriad people that would pass them every day.


Experiencing the actual process of a PaintFest rather than simply hearing about one put the words of many employees and volunteers’ into a reality that impressed the importance of the Foundation For Hospital Art on my mind. I surveyed the room full of adults painting; they were all having a good time while creating pieces that are meant to help others. Their work was helping us, we were providing them with teambuilding, and the hospitals receive free artwork—a win-win-win.


As the blank spaces filled with color, and the event began to wind down, it was once again time to prepare the kits for travel. We scrubbed the paint away from the bushes, we replaced the caps on the bottles, and the murals returned to their snug boxes, each one step closer to gracing the walls of hospitals and achieving their purpose. I was so glad that I was finally able to experience this large act of community service. It showed me that when a group of people may gather for something completely unrelated to helping a hospital, they are able to come together to aid their community. I was grateful to be able to witness this act of kindness by various employees, and I look forward to experiencing it all again.


Jessie Blaeser