Jill and Mary Bryce Pring — Our 2012 Mary Jane and George Banta Volunteers Of The Year.











Once a year, the Foundation for Hospital Art recognizes a committed volunteer to the cause.  It is normally given to the person that makes the most significant impact, through volunteering their time and talent, to the FFHA.


The award was first given in 1995 and was named after two of the most devoted volunteers ever:  Mary Jane and George Banta.  They helped on many of the first wall murals at Northside Hospital, while Bruce, their son, was undergoing cancer treatment.  A bond was formed during the early days and they continued to volunteer for many years.


For 2012, we have the distinct honor of recognizing two people instead of just one.  The mother-daughter tandem of Jill and Mary Bryce Pring has been an unstoppable force for good over the past twelve months.  Both have been fully committed since traveling to help with a PaintFest in Poland two years ago.


One trait of a great volunteer is consistency.  In a world of competing demands, the singular focus of an individual to stay true to their personal commitment to volunteerism is noteworthy.  For the past year, Jill and Mary Bryce have come every week to volunteer in our studio or at a PaintFest.  Their passion to serve has enabled us to send out numerous paintings to hospitals all around the world.


Additionally, Mary Bryce has been instrumental in recruiting other student volunteers from her high school.  She was also selected as one of the recipients of the 2012 John Feight Hospital Art Internship Award.  She dedicated this summer to serve as a volunteer every day.  Her contributions truly made a difference.


Great volunteers are like great hugs….when you get one, they make everyone feel a little bit better.  Join us as we celebrate Jill and Mary Bryce Pring as our 2012 Mary Jane and George Banta Volunteers of the Year!