Best Indoor Teambuilding Project – 5 Reasons Why

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The weather outside is frigid and you may be sitting at your desk, wondering what can you possibly do for a teambuilding and community service project.  What indoor activity provides excitement, a sense of accomplishment, and includes a charitable component?


In speaking with meeting planners and event organizers, these central reasons for a Hospital Art PaintFest® float to the top:


#5 – A PaintFest is not dependent upon a certain season of the year.  Compared to planting or building, a PaintFest can happen at any time of the year.


#4 – The volunteers do not have to pack extra clothes for an outdoor project.  There’s no need to figure out how to put work boots and gloves in your suitcase.


#3 –  Winter can be gray and full of dreary and depressing colors.  Painting bright images of flowers, fish, and animals brightens everyone’s spirit and attitude.


#2 –  The obvious avoidance of bad weather comes in a close second.  Braving the elements is not something you want to claim as an accomplishment.


And……#1 and the reason why we paint…..


#1 – Hospital patients need our love and comfort.  They do not have a vote in deciding when they pay a visit to their local hospital.  They need our love more than ever at this time of the year!


When We Paint, We Change The World


I recently attended the Meeting Professionals International World Education Congress (MPI WEC) in Las Vegas Nevada.  The overriding theme of the meeting was “When we meet, we change the world”.


This motto was plastered everywhere you looked.  At first glance, this mantra comes across as a bit audacious and presumptuous.  The gathering was for professional meeting planners.  Their pursuit:  to find new and innovative ways to plan and execute successful meetings.


I started wondering if the following statement would also be true for hospital art, “When we paint, we change the world”.  Deep down inside, the answer is a strong, affirmative “yes”.  When groups of people come together for a common cause, to improve our healing spaces, we are truly changing the world.


As I interacted with other attendees at the various sessions and breaks, I discovered a strong desire to include hospital art in a wide range of meetings.  Regardless of the industry, meeting type or size, the overwhelming consensus was that a PaintFest would be perfect for their next meeting.


Amongst all of the glitter and extreme glamour of Las Vegas, there were over 2,000 meeting planners ready to work hard at improving their game.  The appeal of a give-back and teambuilding program that you can execute anywhere at any time is huge to a meeting planner.


I left Las Vegas encouraged and optimistic about the future of meetings and how a Foundation for Hospital Art PaintFest® can improve the results of meetings.  There are a lot of options for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, but a PaintFest delivers on all key criteria.


So when you are planning your next meeting, please consider how you can change the world, one brush stroke and one patient at a time.


Scott Feight

A PaintFest® Perspective – Teambuilding with Purpose

Dallas 2013

When I walked into the large hall to begin preparing for the PaintFest®, I knew we had a lot of work ahead of us. Forty kits and over 500 employees were waiting for us to unpack andprepare countless bottles of paint and brushes. As the tables filled with their six panels and various colors, I looked at the images in front of me and thought about their future. At the time, they were blank canvases providing an opportunity for teambuilding and for community service. But soon, they would be transformed into the bright pictures that would grace the walls of hospitals, providing comfort to the myriad people that would pass them every day.


Experiencing the actual process of a PaintFest rather than simply hearing about one put the words of many employees and volunteers’ into a reality that impressed the importance of the Foundation For Hospital Art on my mind. I surveyed the room full of adults painting; they were all having a good time while creating pieces that are meant to help others. Their work was helping us, we were providing them with teambuilding, and the hospitals receive free artwork—a win-win-win.


As the blank spaces filled with color, and the event began to wind down, it was once again time to prepare the kits for travel. We scrubbed the paint away from the bushes, we replaced the caps on the bottles, and the murals returned to their snug boxes, each one step closer to gracing the walls of hospitals and achieving their purpose. I was so glad that I was finally able to experience this large act of community service. It showed me that when a group of people may gather for something completely unrelated to helping a hospital, they are able to come together to aid their community. I was grateful to be able to witness this act of kindness by various employees, and I look forward to experiencing it all again.


Jessie Blaeser

The Ideal Global CSR Project


Corporate Social Responsibility, or “CSR”, is more than a philosophy or popular “feel good” phrase.  It represents all facets of a company’s community outreach and how they impact and touch their consumers and the communities in which they live and work.  From corporate philanthropy and employee volunteerism to the impact of their products and services on the environment and the marketplace, stakeholders of a large company know that a lot rides on how well they serve as corporate citizens.


The challenge for many large, multi-national corporations is finding the right project to engage and unify their employee volunteer base across time zones and cultural traditions.  At the corporate level, the individuals tasked with carrying out the company’s vision and CSR strategy search constantly for a project that involves all ages, demographics, and translates well in any city or continent.


For many years, the Foundation for Hospital Art has been partnering with the largest companies in the world to help execute their CSR strategy.  The beauty of a PaintFest® event is that employees can embrace a volunteer project that benefits the needs of their local community and also achieves corporate goals and objectives.  From birth and throughout life, hospitals, clinics, shelters, nursing homes, schools and healthcare facilities are places that everyone visits during their life.  They are places of healing and suffering.  They are places that we all need to be, for others and for family members.


The PaintFest process is easy.  The kit arrives with pre-drawn and color-coded canvases and all the art supplies.  Volunteers are recruited to paint.  The decision to paint in the office or out in the community is made by the local team.  The team of volunteers has a blast painting, knowing that the product of their efforts will adorn the blank wall of a local healthcare facility.  The team leaves energized and fulfilled; proud to represent their company in the community.


Many companies use PaintFest kits as an engagement project to introduce new employees or acquisitions to the volunteer culture.  The kits are a perfect fit for projects in support of a company-wide month of service.  Painting is scalable and can support diverse employee population sizes at various sites.


So when you are planning your next employee volunteer event, consider organizing a PaintFest event.  Connect all of your employees in a single, unifying volunteer event that is the ultimate CSR project.


Scott Feight

Foundation for Hospital Art Trustee of the Year Award












In 1996, the Foundation for Hospital Art lost one of our founding board members to an unexpected heart attack.  Bruno Hermann was a man with a heart full for others.  Taken too soon from those that loved him, we were determined to honor his commitment and legacy every year.  So, in 1996 we commissioned the Bruno Hermann Trustee of the Year Award.


Bruno’s love of life and patients in hospitals saw no limits.  Famous for his slogan, “there are no problems, only solutions,” Bruno was instrumental in the early years  in pushing our mission beyond the confines of the continental United States.


It is with this same determination to care for others that we recognize this year’s awardee, Junko Trainor.


Not that you would ever want to, but I think it would be humanly impossible to contain Junko’s enthusiasm and energy for our mission.  A business continuity planner by day, Junko is a compassionate and tireless servant by night and weekend.   Over the past year, she has enlisted the volunteer efforts of her colleagues at the Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (USA), Inc. in New York and Tokyo.  Junko was the inspiration behind a multi-city PaintFest that honored the victims and the survivors of the tsunami on the one-year anniversary in Rikuzentakata, Japan.


Junko, along with her husband, Win, led the Foundation’s efforts for Operation Lovejoy in the New York area by holding PaintFests every other month at the Hoboken University Medical Center, in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Here, volunteers join patients as they paint a brighter world for New York area hospitals.


This year also marked the 7th year that Junko has traveled to South Korea to participate in the Pfizer PaintFest.  Averaging three to four hospitals a year, you can imagine how many walls that Junko has had her hands on, spreading joy and hope.


We are truly blessed to have committed volunteer board members like Junko Trainor.  Without their sacrifice and dedication, we would not be able to reach as many patients in hospitals as we do.  Join me in  celebrating Junko Trainor as the 2012 Bruno Hermann Trustee of the Year.