For over 30 years, we have been the preeminent force in donating art to brighten the walls of healthcare facilities around the world. We hope you will join us in the mission to love and comfort through art.

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Foundation For Hospital
Art Makes It Possible


Since 1984, The Foundation for Hospital Art has been dedicated to softening the hospital environment with colorful paintingswall murals and ceiling tiles


Our dream to reach patients and medical staffs "in all the hard places" is in full bloom.

Hard places are those areas where patients and medical staffs are working under stress for long periods of time...where hope is in the air...where life-dreams are challenging...where prayer expresses the thoughts and hopes of your soul. Adding color and scenes from nature in blank spaces can turn a bleak depressing treatment room into a room of hope.

There are numerous ways for you to become involved in our mission.  Whether you are organizing a large event for hundreds or if you are looking for a way to personally volunteer, we need your help.  The patients need your help.  Please consider joining our "Painting Army" and spreading joy through a paintbrush. 

You can help by planning your own event, volunteering in our studio or even introducing us to your nearest hospital, nursing home, clinic or community health center

Volunteers paint pre-drawn, color-coded designs at PaintFest® events held in a variety of settings around the world.  The completed artwork is then donated to needy healthcare facilities on behalf of the sponsor.  


News & Views


Student Interns for 2019

We recently announced the winners of the John Feight Hospital Art Internship.  

They are:  Kristin Dippolito, Rachel Dudley, Shae Gillespie, and Carson Madsen.  Congratulations!



A New Studio - Brighter Days Ahead


We are excited to announce that we have moved our studio to a new location in Woodstock, GA.  We have more space to paint and room for larger groups to volunteer in support of our mission to love and comfort those in hospitals.  We hope you will come and visit us in our new location:  

131 Village Centre West
Woodstock, GA 30188.


The Launch of PaintFest® Patient Packs

We are excited to announce that we have a new way for groups to paint and impact patients. In addition to our PaintFest® Kits that impact the walls of a hospital, we now offer a similar painting experience that is specifically targeted for patient rooms. Groups will paint the front side of 3 panels, plus the backside of the 4th panel. The 4th panel will be painted by a patient and their family in a longterm care situation.

For more information on our PaintFest® Patient Packs.



PaintFest® - The Perfect Teambuilding Event

From a meeting planner’s perspective, the challenge is daunting:  find the perfect teambuilding project that will appeal to your entire audience.  Clients are demanding and want something fresh, something impactful, and something that accomplishes a myriad of requirements.